Vredeburg Fort

Built by the Dutch governor in 1760, the fort was originally named Rustenberg “Resting Fort”. It was renamed to Vredeburg, meaning “Peace Fort”, after it was destroyed by earthquakes and rebuilt in 1867. Located near Sultan’s Palace Kraton Yogyakarta, the construction mainly served as a watch tower to guard and defend Dutch's territory against attacks from Kraton Yogyakarta. From 1830 to 1945, the fort was used by Dutch, and later by Japanese army as their headquarter. After Indonesia's independence in 1945, the fort was once again used as a military command center, this time by the Indonesian army during Indonesian civil unrest. The fort also served as barrack and prison for people suspected as members of communist party. In 1977, the fort was finally declared as a national monument and was named to "Vredeburg Fort Museum" by Indonesian government. The museum showcases collection of photographs, historical objects and diorama, in the form of mini action figurines, depicting Indonesia's struggle for independence. To this day, some parts of the fort, especially the front area, are still preserved to its original design.

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