SPA & Lunch at Wellness Center

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Visit a healing and wellness destination and embrace holistic Balinese massage therapies and healers using ancient wisdoms passed down from direct lineage.

Purify your body with 3-course vegan organic living foods cuisine and healthy drink for lunch. Finish with one of Signature Couples Ritual Massages:

Coconut Harmony (90min)

Known as the 'tree of life' in Balinese culture, the coconut has been used for centuries as a vital source of nourishment, natural healing and harmonizing the body, mind and soul. Surrender your thoughts as your body is massaged with pure virgin coconut oil, one of nature's healing miracles. Indulge in a hydrating coconut milk bath with our signature Shanti essence and heavenly frangipani flowers.


Pure Seaweed Ritual (90min)

Unwind and stimulate your senses as your body is massaged with a mousse of pure seaweed, one of the most beneficial living microorganisms on our planet. Combined with golden raw honey and a touch of lime, this miraculous blend will re-mineralize, rebalance and renew your skin with its alpha hydroxy acids, vitamins and essential nutrients. To complete your rejuvenating journey, immerse in a crystal sea salt bath with fresh seaweed and fragrant crushed juniper berries to eliminate toxins, promoting balance, good health and radiant beauty.


Matcha Tea & Clay Detox Cocoon (90min)

Experience a gentle way of detoxifying the largest elimination organ of our body - the skin. In this purifying ritual, a warm mask of white kaolin clay and emerald green matcha tea powder will be layered over your body. The mineral-rich white clay is highly effective in drawing out impurities from the pores. Matcha tea, renowned for its anti-aging properties, provides an excellent source of vitamins and anti-oxidants to the skin, helping to tone and protect while improving blood flow and oxygen delivery to the skin. Let yourself travel into a deeply relaxed state while wrapped in a warm detoxifying cocoon followed by a neck and back massage.

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