Learn the Traditional Way

Balinese Cake " Laklak" Processing
Visit our traditional Balinese kitchen and see how " Laklak", the famous traditional Balinese cake, is made. Taste the freshly 'baked' cake with Balinese coffee at the end of the program.

Traditional Coconout Oil Processing

Are you interested to know how Indonesian people make coconut oil?

Due to its high price, very few people in Bali use coconut oil for cooking. Nowadays, coconut oil is used only as massage oil or hair cream.

Traditional Coffee Processing

Indonesia is the fourth largest producer of coffee in world, with exports of 300,000 tons last year. Ninety percent of Indonesian coffee is grown and produce by local farmers and small business owners.

Generally, Indonesian coffee has a relatively low acidity. Each region is known for a typical cupping profile. Balinese coffee is sweeter than other Indonesian coffees, with nut and citrus notes

The flavors of coffee are distinctive for a variety of reasons. The most important variables are soil type, altitude, coffee variety, processing method and aging. This combination of natural and human factors creates a unique “terroir” for each coffee.

Coffee is picked by hand, Because coffee cherries do not all ripen at the same time, usually farmers harvest every 10 days, over a period of 5 to 6 months. This allows them to pick only red, ripe cherries, to achieve best quality in appearance, aroma, and taste. When mechanical harvesting is used, under-ripe cherries can give the coffee a thin aroma and harsh cupping profile.

After harvest, coffees are processed in a variety of ways, each imparting its own flavors and aromas to the final product. In general, these characteristics improve the quality of the coffee.

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