Stilt fishing in Sri Lanka

Stilt fishing- there might be several methods of catching a fish but this one is mindboggling fishermen in sri lanka use stilts to catch a fish. Still fishing is an old tradition practiced by around 500 fishing families in galle, in southwestern most sri lanka. Especially around the towns or Koggala , Kthaluwa and Ahangama. They usually fish during sunset. Noon and sunrise, with each one taking their elevated position and balancing about 2 meters above the water. There is a vertical pole engrafted into the sea bed, attached to it is a cross bar, called petta, on which the fishing rod or a line to catch spotted herrings and small mackerels, which are then kept in a plastic bag tied around their waist or the polo.So the fishermen of that area don’t mind sitting for long hours to get their catch, it seems the don’t use abait either on the hook. since how long this custom is practiced is not known. Government document which says according to old fishermen still fishing started after Second World War,

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