Located in one of the world's largest stretches of tropical rain forest in Kalimantan - Indonesia's part of Borneo, Tanjung Puting National Park is the place to explore. Composed of 415,040 hectares, the park is famous for its orangutan conservations and a popular ecotourism destination.

The first conservations was established in 1971. It supports and rehabilites ex-captive orangutans for release into the wild. Currently there are three orangutan conservations/rehabilitation research centers: Camp Leakey, Tanjung Harapan, Pondok Tanggui. All conservations are open to visitors for observation. Visitors can encounter and interact with rehabilitant or ex-captive orangutans during the feeding time.

Other than orangutan, the park is also home to proboscis monkeys, gibbons, macaques, clouded leopards, sun bears, wild boars, porcupines, sambar deer, birds such as hornbills and kingfishers, giant bornean butterfly, Reptiles such as monitor lizards and crocodiles.

The park was originaly set aside in the 1930s by the Dutch colonial government for the protection of the orangutans and proboscis monkey. It was designated as UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in 1977 and then became National Park in 1982.

Kumai River

Kumai River is a thriving river harbor located on the edge of the vast Borneo interior. Then cruise by klotok (traditional river boat) for 2 hours up a small tributary of the Kumai River. As you leave Kumai harbor, you’ll have an opportunity to witness riverfront life in this busy port-town, including the incredible shipyards where traditional methods are still employed to build giant, wooden schooners. Watch along the river bands for prolific bird life, and any of several species of monkeys, including the large proboscis.

Camp Leakey

Travelers cruise upriver to Camp Leakey. Along the way, the river narrows to the point where, in places, you are passing underneath thick forest canopy. Keen observation will be rewarded by occasional glimpses of colorful birds including rhinoceros hornbills, kingfishers, flycatchers, many species of primates and Proboscis monkeys.

On arrival at Camp Leakey's river pier, you're likely to be greeted by some of the resident orangutans. Spend the rest of day hiking through the Borneo rainforest, searching for wildlife and exploring the swamp and lowland dipthocarp forests displaying numerous varieties of epiphytes, liana, mosses, and ferns. Return to Camp Leakey to view the 14:00 feeding of the resident orangutans followed by the dusk cruise.

Pondok Tanggoi and Tanjung Harapan

Visit the Orangutan Rehabilitation Center at Pondok Tanggoi. In addition to seeing young orangutans being prepared to return to life in the wild, witness large communities of the rare proboscis monkey (found only on the island of Borneo). While at the reserve, you have an opportunity to hike into the dense jungles and swamps of lowland Borneo, where you will encounter various and thriving flora and fauna that have made this place one of the most biologically diverse areas on earth.

Tanjung Harapan is another orangutan jungle station where travelers can visit the feeding area to see orangutan eat fruit and drink milk.


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